Sep 13, 2021

Karthritis Episode 26 Post CDM 2021

This episode goes through the recent European championships of Super Mario Kart, the CDE, in great depth and length with the surprising winner Lafungo as well as GoombaNL and Vincent (20-100), the awesome casting duo that covered pretty much the entire event. The roundtable is completed by organizer Karel and podcast host Joe. Apart from the results and general vibe, the panel also debates whether our beloved SMK could use some patching for competitive purposes yes or no. Sacrilege or progress?

Jul 29, 2021

Karthritis Episode 25 - A sudden change of status (feat.DangerMoll)

All right, we are back with what can only be described as an impromptu status report. We run through things gone by and things to be in the realms of SMK, MK64, Circuit Breakers and the Polish. Hopefully the Covid-lull is coming to an end and episodes will be more frequent and brimming with thusm from this point!


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